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Bucca Creek Wood & Textiles - About Liz Scobie


Liz Scobie

Liz trained in the early 1970’s as a Textile and Design teacher, she taught in NSW high schools before retiring in 1980 to pursue her craft full-time and to raise their family. Initially textile arts took centre stage, with the focus on creative machine embroidery. Producing a series of wall hangings and a range of machine embroidered silk clothing.

In 1993 she decorated a series of painted timber platters turned by Neil. These were to be a “one off”, for a special exhibition, but this wasn’t to be. In the years that followed Neil and Liz worked on many collaborative pieces for special exhibitions and produced a range of painted platters, bowls and screens, which sold in galleries throughout Australia and then in the USA. The woodworking business gradually monopolized more and more of her time, leaving less time for textiles.

One of the Highlights of this time was the three visits to Ayers Rock Resort (1990 to 1995), as artists in resident with husband Neil. Accompanied by children Paul and Anna these visits, where not only an enjoyable family time, but were also very enlightening professionally.

In recent times Liz has been able to enjoy a combination of both the woodworking and textiles. She has been able to return more to textiles. She still works on collaborative pieces with Neil, including some incorporation of fibre with timber in their floor screens. She is looking forward to maintaining this happy combination of the two mediums.

Liz has taught workshops in many aspects of the fibre arts. At present she teaches predominantly creative machine embroidery workshops to both adults and high school textile and design students. She also conducts workshops in painted and decorated finishes for both textile artists and woodworkers.

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